Toowoomba Cycling Development Limited ACN 162 494 859


To ensure the continued success of the Tour of Toowoomba and to develop cycling in all its forms in the Toowoomba region, Toowoomba Cycling Development Limited ACN 162 494 859 (‘TCD’) was established in February 2013 to conduct the event .

The main focus of TCD will be to conduct the Tour of Toowoomba and other like events in the future and promote and develop cycling.


Toowoomba Cycling Development Limited ACN 162 494 859, is a Company Limited by Guarantee, which has been established as a non-profit entity and is governed by a voluntary board —

President – Mac Stirling

Chief Executive  – John Osborne, OAM

Former Deputy Chairman of Cycling Queensland and Life member of both the Toowoomba Cycling Club Inc and Cycling Queensland (1997)

Company Secretary – Jaime McGuire

Treasurer and Board Director – Jaime McGuire

Board Director – Cormac Carey


To put its mission into practice, TCD has the following committees which report to the board:

Events and Marketing

Director – John Osborne, OAM

Sport and Technical

Chief Commissaire – soon to be announced

Technical Director – soon to be announced


Our objectives are to —

  • Develop, promote and advance cycling in the Toowoomba region
  • Promote and/or organise cycling events
  • Facilitate opportunities to assist in the development of cycling,
    • Cooperate with the State and National administering bodies in particular as regards the participation of cyclists in the competitions conducted under the auspices of those bodies
    • Ensure that all cycling activities that are organised by the Company are conducted and carried on in a manner which secures and enhances the safety of participants, officials, spectators and the public, and which allows the sport to be competitive and fair

Contact TCD –

Mail: Toowoomba Cycling Development Limited, P.O. Box 52, TOOWOOMBA, QLD, 4350, Australia

Phone: John Osborne 0419 650 459 | Email:

Registered Office: 156 Margaret Street, TOOWOOMBA, QLD, 4350, Australia

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